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Post-COVID lung damage research
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In a matter of months our understanding of COVID-19 has moved at an astonishing rate and with the scale of COVID-19, we expect research insight on post-COVID to accumulate rapidly. We want to work with you to develop a clear strategy to advance our understanding, and facilitate knowledge sharing amongst the research community. It’s important that any approach to support people with lung damage is based on clear peer-reviewed evidence

We are focusing on two key areas of research:

Post-COVID lung damage research

Other research relevant to post-COVID breathlessness

Post-COVID lung damage research

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Related research

There may be much to learn from the impact of viral infections similar to COVID-19, and innovative approaches to meet a large, post-COVID demand for services to help people breathing difficulties.

The scale of COVID-19 is likely to mean a large demand for services breathing post-COVID. The following table encapsulates innovative research that may help guide a future research and innovation strategy.

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